Macaron making class with Mak Mak

Macarons are one sweet thing I am fearful of baking, they seemed too difficult to make, when I saw a Scoopon deal for a macaron making class with Carlos Heng from Mak Mak, I bought one and made a booking to join a session.

Mak Mak macarons are one of the best macarons in Sydney and you can understand why, with the owner of Mak Mak, Carlos Heng (aka Mak Daddy) being so passionate about making the best macarons and constantly experimenting with new flavours.

I had arrived at the macaron making class a tad too early, so I had a quick peep inside, Carlos and his team were busily setting up.

The macaron making class commenced at 10am and everyone had arrived eager to learn, I myself were terrified, because making macarons scared me. 

Carlos started by telling the class a little bit about himself, it was quite fascinating to hear about how he started out. After this introduction, Carlos talked about macaron basics and then got us to try their macarons so we could test and taste the textures.

The next part of the macaron cooking class involved Carlos teaching us about making macarons, from making the meringue, mixing the dry ingredients with the meringue and egg whites with food dye and then piping it onto the trays. 

After this demonstration, it was our turn, I ended having no partner to work with because everyone was paired up, this worked fine for me. 

The first parts of mixing the blue coloured dyed egg whites into the dry ingredients and mixing the meringue mixture thereafter didn’t seem that hard but it was labor intensive hehe, it was the piping of the macarons that I got stuck on, I piped some of mine too small.

After I had piped two trays of macaron shells, Carlos put them into the oven.

After 12 minutes..

Dah dah!! The baked product.. look at the feet of my shells. 

Whilst we waited for our macaron shells to cool down, Carlos taught us how to make chocolate ganache and how to pipe the ganache and peanut butter onto the macaron shells.

Now that the macaron shells were cooled down, it was time to match up the macaron shells.

The last step was piping the filling onto the macaron shells and to put the macaron together, I didn’t put much peanut butter onto my macaron shell because I do not like peanut butter much.

The finished product! They tasted yummy. 

I really enjoyed the macaron making class, I came out of the class feeling a whole lot more confident of making macarons. 

Keep your eyes peeled, I might attempt to make them myself soon.

Click on the link for further information:

Mak Mak macaron classes

*i had trouble capturing the blue colour of the macarons with my iPhone

Koi Dessert Bar

I forgot to post this.. so here it is months later ūüėę

Yay, I finally made it to Koi Dessert Bar, this visit was a long time coming, trying to plan a visit sans toddler is so hard. 
My friend and I decided to check out Koi Dessert Bar after overdosing on fried delights at Spice Alley, thankfully because we went on a weekday, it was not busy. 

Koi Dessert Bar is located on Kensington Street Chippendale, the dessert bar is two stories high, so there are plenty of seats available. 

My friend and I opted to sit at the bar area because it just looked so damn pretty and the scents from the flowers and fragrant oils was intoxicating.

It was such a hard choice in deciding which desserts to order because we were not hungry at all, so we decided to share two desserts, we ordered the tropical slice and the strawberry pillow.

The tropical slice was my favourite because it contained mango and I love mango flavoured desserts. 

I really am so excited for Koi Dessert Bar, this is my dream place, I cannot wait to come back soon. 

Koi Dessert Bar website

Easy homemade salted caramel sauce

I’ve always wanted to make salted caramel sauce, but most recipes required the use of a thermometer or were too complicated (I’m too lazy for complicated lol), when I saw a 4 ingredients recipe for salted caramel sauce, I decided to make it. 

The process of mixing the sugar in the pot on the stove for the beginnings of making the salted caramel sauce was the only part that I found tedious, otherwise the other processes were simple enough. Thankfully I didn’t stuff up the recipe and the recipe turned out well. 

The salted caramel sauce was so delicious, the taste combination of the sweetness, the saltyness, the butteryness and the stickiness made this salted caramel sauce perfect! I’ve placed the sauce in a glass jar to be used later, the baking possibilities are endless! Yay! 

I can tick that one off my baking bucket list!

Click on the link below for this awesome recipe: 

Sally’s homemade salted caramel sauce

Gingerbread Men

Last year’s attempt at making gingerbread men may have been a struggle because I could not find the right recipe, this year I used the recipe by Chocolate Suze and the results were much better. 

Chocolate Suze’s recipe was really simple and straight forward, I was not stressed making the gingerbread like I was last year, the only problem I did have was forgetting that I didn’t have much ginger spice left over, this problem was rectified on my most recent attempt.

The gingerbread men didn’t take long to make which was perfect because I didn’t have much time. This year I decided to use my gingerbread men cookie cutter rather than my cat cookie cutter.

The gingerbread smelt so delicious when they were ready. 

I had impatiently let the gingerbread men cool down and I ate one, the gingerbread men tasted so good, they were not too crunchy but they had a lovely chewy texture which is what I had aimed for. I may have eaten a few too many of them afterwards. 

I had intended to decorate the gingerbread men, but I really do not have the time or energy, maybe next year.

I definitely recommend that you use this recipe if you are intending to make gingerbread men this year. 

Chocolate Suze’s recipe:

Gingerbread men

Allen’s Lolly Bar

When I found out that Westfield Sydney would be having a pop up Allen’s Lolly Bar, I was so super excited because I am a huge fan of their lollies and I’ve been eating their lollies since I was a little kid.

The Allen’s Lolly Bar is located on level 2 of Westfield Sydney, outside Armani Exchange from the 29th November to 24th December from 9:30am to 7:00pm and some days until 9:00pm (check their Facebook page for further details). 

The Allen’s Lolly Bar is simply awesome, you can choose to buy one of the 150 grams packets of lollies, such as green frogs, spearmint leaves for $6 each or the chocolate coated lollies such as chocolate coated bananas for $8 each.

I bought green frogs and orange snakes

If you want to personalise a jar for yourself or a friend, you can choose to put your own name or a friends on a jar and then get 8 scoops from a choice of 18 different types of Allen’s lollies to put in that jar, isn’t that a genius idea! I really love the idea of being able to choose which lollies that you want to buy. The cost of the personalised jar of lollies is $30. 

I totally suggest that you make a visit and get your sugar fix right now before it gets too busy coming closer to the Christmas period. 

Allen’s Lolly Bar is located on:

Level 2, Westfield Sydney outside Armani Exchange. Further details are available on their Facebook page. 

They only accept Cards and no cash. 

Grumpy Donuts has opened up a shop!

Yes… Yes..  you are not seeing things!! Grumpy Donuts has finally opened up at shop in Camperdown and I am SO happy! 

As you all know, I am obsessed with Grumpy Donuts, to this day I still reckon they are the best donuts in Sydney. I was so ecstatic to read that they were opening up a shop and today I went to check it out.

Grumpy Donuts’ shop is located on Pyrmont Bridge Road, I arrived at 9am and lined up on their opening day, the queue was not long and I allowed myself 40 minutes to wait (I had to meet friends). Whilst waiting in the queue I bumped into a friend, so that made the wait less boring.

The shop front

Unfortunately 45 minutes later I felt defeated because I knew I had to go, I felt so sad because I was the fourth person in line. I did manage to get some photos though. 

The sign on the wall

The donuts selection

The menu

The flavours of the donuts are regularly updated on Instagram, so don’t forget to have a look.

I’ll definitely be back to buy some donuts soon.

Grumpy Donuts is located at:

72 Pyrmont Bridge Road Camperdown 

Website: Grumpy Donuts

My baking adventures

It only occurred to me today that I haven’t blogged in a while, I guess I’ve been so busy wrangling my 2yo who is one active little kid. Despite the lack of time, I have however found time to bake, definitely still my favourite hobby. My newest obsession lately is making drip cakes, I just love creating new designs, I usually have these random ideas in my sleep or from other baking bloggers. 

Here are some examples: 

The one thing that I’ve discovered with baking is that you don’t need to stress out by doing so many complicated steps or taking hours to make a delicious dessert, a lot of the time you can bake something with little hard effort and it will still look and taste amazing. I always believe that a lot of the time you’ll need to try something new and keep trying if it doesn’t work out.  I guess that’s my philosophy with baking, I like to keep the process simple, but still to create beautiful results. I don’t have time being a mum to do complicated recipes. 

Anyway, I hope that some of the recipes on my blog have inspired you to not use packet mix and to realise your baking potential. 

Check out my Instagram account: dessertaddictsanonymous for more baking inspiration. 


Bush Cookies Choc Chip Bikkies

I have been on a cookie/biscuit hiatus lately, but I am back! This week I bought Bush Cookies Choc Chip Bikkies from Harris Farm.

I have walked past the stand of Bush Cookies Choc Chip Bikkies a few times but decided not to buy any, I finally caved in and I decided to buy some.

Bush Cookies Choc Chip Bikkies are certainly the most amazing looking chocolate chip biscuits that I have ever seen, look at all those chocolate chips on their biscuits.

Bush cookies choc chip bikkies have a crunchy texture with a buttery taste, which makes it perfect to dip into your cup of tea, the chocolate chips on top are so delicious and there are so many of them which makes the biscuit a real delicious treat. 

I definitely think these biscuits will be a regular purchase, I really think that they are the best chocolate chip cookies that are on sale in the supermarket.

Dessert addicts anonymous rating: 9.5/10

Bush Cookies website:

Bush Cookies

Kez’s Kitchen Baked Bikkies Salted Caramel and White chocolate¬†

The best things come in smaller sizes or smaller packages and these bite sized Kez’s kitchen salted caramel and white chocolate bikkies are no exception.

I bought these these delicious bikkies at the Good Food and Wine show, they had run out of smaller bags, so she sold me a bigger bag. I have to say that I was in heaven sampling all the biscuits at their stand at the show.

The  salted caramel and white chocolate bikkies are actually in bite sized portions, which is great for some in terms of portion control but for me it just means I’ll eat more.

I may have eaten 10 or more of these in one go

I really loved these bikkies, they are perfectly crunchy to dip into a cup of tea and they are not too sweet either. The bikkies contain a salted caramel chewy bit in each bikkie and also some white chocolate, the combination of these two makes the bikkies a very delicious match.

Unfortunately I am not too sure if they sell these in the shops, but I’m pretty sure you can buy them online. 

Dessert addicts anonymous rating: 9.5/10

Kez’s Kitchen website: Kez’s Kitchen