Ladurée Macarons

My friend once told me about Ladurée macarons and how they are the best. To my absolute joy, she told me they were opening one up in Westfield Sydney! I was so happy, yet very surprised that I missed this.

I could not believe that I had no idea that Ladurée was opening up in Westfield Sydney. Call me blind, but I always seem to by pass half the shops to get to the food court.

I spent the next few weeks waiting for the grand opening. I eagerly checked Twitter for updates. Then finally the day had arrived and Ladurée was to open. I was so excited, that I got there very early. When I arrived, I was told they were not opening yet and will be opening in a few hours. I was so disappointed because I could not come back that day.

The very next day I went to Ladurée and investigated.  There was a long line. My Twitter friend Rafael was in the cafe section drinking coffee, so I joined him. The cafe looked so pretty and sophisticated like a cafe you would see in Paris.

Rafael said the macarons were really tasty, he explained that the macarons were imported from Switzerland. I took a look at the menu and tried to decide which macarons to buy.

I ended up choosing to buy the Salted Caramel, Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry Marshmellow and the Ghana Chocolate.

When I got back to work, my friend and I immediately tried one of each macaron. Out of all the macarons,  we liked the Salted Caramel one the best.  The Salted Caramel macaron was not too sweet, the caramel tasted buttery and we tasted just a hint of salt. What I did like the most about the macarons was that the outer shell of the macarons were slightly crispy on the outside and then a chewy texture on the inside.

I have to be honest in saying that some of the macarons were nice, but I was not overly impressed with all of the flavours.

I hope to one day go to Paris and visit Ladurée for myself. My friend said the macarons at the Paris branch tasted better than the Sydney Branch.

Ladurée is located at:

Westfield Sydney

Level 3, 100 Market Street, Sydney