Box of Scrolls Cinnamon Scrolls

Ever since my friend Selina started making cinnamon scrolls, I have been obsessing over eating one. Unfortunately Selina lives overseas, so there would never be any chance that I would ever get to try one of her delicious cinnamon scrolls. So to satisfy my craving for cinnamon scrolls, I decided that I would have to find somewhere where I can buy delicious cinnamon scrolls and also have them delivered.

Lucky for me, I stumbled upon the company Box of Scrolls. Box of Scrolls makes a variety of different flavoured scrolls and they also deliver! I decided that I would order a box of cinnamon scrolls and see if they satisfy my cravings. I was fortunate enough to be ordering at the perfect time, because Box of Scrolls were having a special 40% discount (how lucky am I).

My box of cinnamon scrolls arrived via Express Post the next day, and of course it was only natural that I would eat one immediately.

Once I opened the box, all I could think about was that the Box of Scrolls Cinnamon Scrolls looked and smelt divine.




What I loved most about Box of Scrolls Cinnamon Scrolls is that the cinnamon scroll did not taste overly sweet like most cinnamon scrolls. The cinnamon throughout the scroll was also not very over powering. The only issue I had with the Box of Scrolls Cinnamon Scrolls, was that it was too big for me to eat and I could not eat the whole cinnamon scroll.

Next time when I make my next order, I may just order the smaller cinnamon scrolls. I might also try one of their other flavours. How could I resist trying a Box of Scrolls Salted Caramel Scroll or the Nutella and Banana Scroll.

Box of Scrolls website:


4 Ingredients Clever Cupcakes

Being a stay at home mum with an unsettled newborn baby, I needed to find recipes that were simple and easy to make. I tried to give up my obsession for baking in exchange for sleep, but I found that baking is something that helps me relax and unwind.

Whilst my baby was sleeping, I spent hours researching easy baking recipes. I was so excited when I stumbled upon 4 Ingredient’s Clever Cupcake recipe. I could not believe that all I needed was 4 simple ingredients to make a batch of cupcakes. I must admit I was quite sceptical at first, but I decided that I must give the recipe a go.

The recipe ended up being a success and the result were  a batch of delicious and fluffy cupcakes. I was so surprised with the outcome. How can something so delicious be so easy to make?



I ended up deciding to make some coconut icing for the cupcakes too, because a cupcake without icing is like hot chips without chicken salt.



I will definitely be making more cupcakes using this recipe again soon. They have so many variations to the recipe, such as caramel cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes, both are equally as easy to make.

4 Ingredient’s Clever Cupcake recipe can be found on their website:

Mörk Chocolate’s 70% Original Dark Hot Chocolate

Finding the right hot chocolate has always been very important to me, in fact it has become one of my little obsessions. Now that I do not have much time to go out, I wanted to find a hot chocolate that I can make at home, one that tastes just like the hot chocolate that you find in cafes. Lucky for me, I found Mörk Chocolate’s 70% Original Dark Hot Chocolate.

I have literally spent years trying to find the right hot chocolate powder/flakes, and I never seem to find the right one. The hot chocolate sold in the supermarkets were never right for me and some chocolate shops hot chocolate did not seem to meet my standards. My pantry at home is full of unused hot chocolate powders and flakes, most of which I will toss in the bin.

Finding Mörk Chocolate’s 70% Original Dark Hot Chocolate was a blessing for me. Mörk Chocolate’s 70% Dark Hot Chocolate  was one of few hot chocolate that taste delicious and just like the hot chocolate you find in cafes. The only reason I found Mörk Chocolate’s 70% Original Dark Hot Chocolate, was because of the lovely Melbourne based food bloggers that I follow on Twitter.

Mörk Chocolate’s 70% Original Dark Hot Chocolate tastes so amazing. Do not be discouraged because the hot chocolate is dark, it does not even taste bitter. I like to make the Mörk Chocolate’s 70% Original Dark Hot Chocolate with frothed milk and occasionally I like to add some other ingredients such as coconut powder. The result is, a very smooth and creamy hot chocolate that does not taste too sweet or bitter. The consistency is perfect.


One of the reasons Mörk Chocolate’s 70% Original Dark Hot Chocolate tastes so good, is the quality ingredients that goes into making their 70% Original Dark Hot Chocolate. Their hot chocolate is crafted using the finest of cocoa powder, pure 100% chocolate liquor and coconut blossom sugar.  I believe that the use of quality ingredients is what sets them apart from other hot chocolates currently available in stores.

Mörk Chocolate has other products in their range too, I suggest you try them all. I know I will be, I am certainly addicted!

Mörk Chocolate’s 70% Original Dark Hot Chocolate can be purchased from their website: