Allen’s Lolly Bar

When I found out that Westfield Sydney would be having a pop up Allen’s Lolly Bar, I was so super excited because I am a huge fan of their lollies and I’ve been eating their lollies since I was a little kid.

The Allen’s Lolly Bar is located on level 2 of Westfield Sydney, outside Armani Exchange from the 29th November to 24th December from 9:30am to 7:00pm and some days until 9:00pm (check their Facebook page for further details). 

The Allen’s Lolly Bar is simply awesome, you can choose to buy one of the 150 grams packets of lollies, such as green frogs, spearmint leaves for $6 each or the chocolate coated lollies such as chocolate coated bananas for $8 each.

I bought green frogs and orange snakes

If you want to personalise a jar for yourself or a friend, you can choose to put your own name or a friends on a jar and then get 8 scoops from a choice of 18 different types of Allen’s lollies to put in that jar, isn’t that a genius idea! I really love the idea of being able to choose which lollies that you want to buy. The cost of the personalised jar of lollies is $30. 

I totally suggest that you make a visit and get your sugar fix right now before it gets too busy coming closer to the Christmas period. 

Allen’s Lolly Bar is located on:

Level 2, Westfield Sydney outside Armani Exchange. Further details are available on their Facebook page. 

They only accept Cards and no cash.