As you all know, I’m a huge cake snob, so when my friend on Instagram @foodismylifemelbourne told me there’s a cake shop in Melbourne that sells the best cakes that he has ever eaten, I booked flights to Melbourne asap and went with him to check it out. 

Beatrix is a cute cake shop/cafe in North Melbourne, that sells a huge range of sweet treats and also savoury food such as gourmet ciabatta filled rolls, I definitely want to try their savoury items when I come back to Melbourne.

When I arrived at Beatrix, I was so impressed with their delicious range of cakes and slices, I really wanted to eat them all. My main goal of the visit was to try their their strawberries and cream cheesecake, because I am obsessed with cheesecake.

I ended ordering two slices of cake, I chose the strawberries and cream cheesecake and the cocoa sour cream layer cake. I really wanted to order a third slice of cake, but I knew I couldn’t stomach it. 

The strawberries and cream cake was amazing, the texture was so creamy and delicious, it was definitely love at first bite! Each bite of this cake brought me so much happiness. (I actually think I was having a Meg Ryan moment in “When Harry Met Sally”). 

The cocoa and sour cream cake was so moist and chocolately and not heavy at all. I also liked the raspberries in the cake too, unfortunately I was too full half way through and I had to get the rest for take away.

Leaving Beatrix was a REALLY sad moment for me, I just felt like I had broken up with a lost love, I knew that I would not have another chance to eat their cakes for a while, I really wished I lived in Melbourne. 

Now as I browse their Instagram page, I feel so sad because I miss their cakes and really wish that one day they’ll open up a shop in Sydney or I can visit Melbourne again some day soon.

Beatrix cakes is now officially my new favourite cake shop. 

Beatrix is located at: 

688 Queensberry Street North Melbourne (corner of Lothian Street)


My dessert favourites 

I’ve been eating way too many sweet things lately, I’m trying to convince myself that I deserve to eat them. I blame stress for making me eat sweets. Lol

Here are 7 of my current dessert favourites, that you must try :

1. Chocolate chip cookie from Fossix Coffee

I discovered this place after blogger Simon posted some photos of the cafe. The chocolate chip cookie from Fossix Coffee is seriously what dreams are made of, they use so much callebaut chocolate, the cookie is crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. I really do think this chocolate chip cookie is the best that I’ve eaten in the Sydney CBD. 

2. Strawberries and cream sponge cake from The Grounds of the city

The strawberries and cream sponge cake at The Grounds of the city is seriously what I’ve been craving since falling in love with the sponge cake at Gumnut Patisserie. I have been obsessing over sponge cake for so long and I was over joyed to find a good one in the Sydney CBD. The sponge cake is so fluffy and moist, the cream filling is real fresh cream and the strawberries are divine. Heavenly! 

3. Ultimate chocolate cake from Zokoko

I’ve been a huge fan of Zokoko for such a long time and I still love their ultimate chocolate cake, it never disappoints. The ultimate chocolate cake is dense, moist and chocolately, the use of Zokoko chocolate makes it perfect. I don’t think I’ve ever had a chocolate that tastes better than this. 

4. Australian sea salt and honey crueller from Shortstop Coffee and donuts

What’s not to love about this sweet and salty combination ? The crueller is crispy yet chewy and it tastes like a Chinese fried donut. The balance of the sweet and salty flavours is perfect. I’ve really fallen in love with Shortstop’s donuts, more so now that I’ve found some favourites. The maple walnut donut is my other favourite.

5. Ferrero Roche croissant from Top Impression Bakery

 I really love a good pain au chocolat, this croissant was next level of amazement. The croissant was flaky and buttery and the amount of chocolate ganache filling was insane! I was actually defeated by this croissant, I couldn’t eat it all. 

6. Buttered toast donut from Grumpy Donuts and Butterbing cookie sandwich from Butterbing

Even though I’ve tried virtually every flavour of donut from Grumpy Donuts, I still love their buttered toast donut. A donut with delicious brown butter frosting and brioche crumbs, a very delicious combination. 

7. Lamingtons from Jillian’s Cakery

I love the lamingtons from Jillian’s Cakery, their lamingtons are not overly sweet and the lamingtons are so moist. Their lamingtons are definitely my favourite. 

Honourable mention go to Lexie’s cheesecake, but sadly they’ve since closed down. 

What are your favourite desserts? 

Allen’s green frogs are back!!

Yes, you read right, Allen’s green frogs are back and they’ve brought along some orange and yellow friends too. 

With the high demand from lovers of Allen’s green frogs,  Allen’s have finally decided to make their green frogs again and seriously I couldn’t be any happier. 

Allen’s have now released a variety of flavoured frogs in a new packaging variety called “Frog Family” , these include red, green, orange and yellow frogs. 

This morning I rushed off to Coles Supermarket and bought every packet off the shelf, I decided to stock up before everyone else buys them all. 

I am in heaven now!

Run, don’t walk to Coles and IGA NOW!!!!! 

Best sponge cake ever at Grounds In The City! 

Just a small PSA to tell you all that Grounds In The City sells the best sponge cake ever, it is even better than my favourite from Gumnut Patisserie! 

Today I went to Town Hall for a walk and I decided to go visit Grounds In The City, I knew it existed, but I kept forgetting to go visit. The place looked amazing from the outside. 

As I had such a little amount of time to spare this morning, I decided to make a beeline for the cake cabinet.  In the cabinet there were so many different types of cake, I decided to buy a slice of strawberries and cream sponge cake because it’s my favourite. 

Cake slices cost $9 a slice and they slice it fresh for you, the slice that I bought was HUGE, it was so big that I had to share it with my friend. 

My friend decided to eat the cake straight away, the strawberries and cream sponge cake tasted so amazing, the sponge cake part was firm, but soft and fluffy, the cream filling was made with real fresh cream and was so delicious. The strawberries and cream sponge cake was heaven in each mouthful, I may have accidentally screamed “omg” whilst eating it in the office. Oops.. 😳

There are so many other cakes for me to buy at Grounds In The City, I really do want to buy them all. Shame that I’m supposed to be on a diet.. hmmm. 

Grounds In The City is located at:

The Galeries of Victoria (on the same level as Jimmy’s). 


When I went to America, I fell in love with snickerdoodles, I ate them nearly everyday, I tried looking for them when I got back to Australia, but I never found any that tasted as good. Thankfully the internet has so many awesome recipes for making snickerdoodles. 

I was feeling too cold and lazy, I googled the easiest snickerdoodle recipe that I could find. The recipe I found online was by, their recipe had a high rating and it looked really easy follow. 

I did a few tweaks to the recipe, I put more cinnamon than sugar in my cinnamon/sugar mixture. The recipe required 1 cup of butter, I ended up using one 250 grams block of unsalted butter that I had melted in the microwave. For the dough, I rolled it in the cinnamon sugar and then rolled it neatly into a ball with my hands.

The snickerdoodles only took 10 minutes to bake.

I ended up allowing the snickerdoodles to cool on the baking tray, this meant that the snickerdoodles had a crispy edge and a soft centre. 

The snickerdoodles tasted so good, whilst eating one, I was reminded of the snickerdoodles that I ate whilst in America. 

I definitely recommend you try this recipe if you love snickerdoodles, they’re easy to make and they taste A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! 

Snickerdoodles recipe can be located on this website Snickerdoodles

Vanilla and sour cream cupcakes 

When I go to the supermarket, my bad habit is buying so many different things to use for baking because I have grand plans to bake something fabulous with it and then weeks later I forget about it. Yesterday I looked in my fridge and realised that I had forgotten to use the sour cream and it was due to expire next week, so I decided to find a recipe that I can use it in, I finally settled on a cupcake recipe because it looked easy. 

This recipe for vanilla and sour cream cupcakes was perfect for me, because it only required one bowl and I didn’t have the energy to make anything too complicated. When making the cupcakes, it was the first time in a long time that I had to use my hand mixer to mix the batter. 

The cupcakes were baked in only 17 minutes and they looked so golden brown and delicious. For the icing, I decided that I would use my usual buttercream recipe and make a two toned icing. 

The cupcakes tasted really good, I was so relieved that it tasted so moist and buttery because I can never can tell how well a new recipe will turn out and it kind of makes me feel nervous.

Maybe “accidentally” buying too many ingredients for baking is a good thing because it encourages me to explore different recipes.

 I’m super excited to be adding a new cupcake recipe to my list of favourites. 

The recipe for these cupcakes can be found here- Vanilla and sour cream cupcakes 

*note: I added a touch of vanilla bean paste to the recipe 

Eggless moist chocolate cupcakes 

I love baking and the one thing that I seem to run out of is eggs, I always buy a huge tray of organic eggs and I always run out so quickly. Of course when it came time to bake cupcakes for my friend’s birthday, I had no eggs leftover. *cue the panic 

I was feeling too cold and lazy to go to the shops to buy eggs and my husband was not getting my subtle hints for him to go buy me some eggs, so I decided to look up eggless cupcakes recipes and I stumbled upon one that looked so easy to make.

I was quite sceptical to use a recipe that contained no eggs, I wasn’t too convinced that it would work out, but I was willing to give it a try because it looked so easy to make. The recipe very little time to make. 

I did encounter one issue, when I added the melted butter to the dry ingredients, mixed it and then added the milk, it was kind of  lumpy and the lumps were not coming out, so I left them and thankfully when the cupcakes were ready there were no signs of lumps in the baked cupcake. 

To finish off the cupcake I decided to add a milk chocolate icing. The cupcake tasted so good, and thankfully the cupcake tasted so chocolately and moist.

I am eggtremely excited to have found a great eggless recipe. 😉

The recipe for the eggless chocolate cupcakes can be found on this link 

All Recipe’s eggless chocolate cupcakes

Easy to make cinnamon scrolls

I love eating cinnamon scrolls, but I hate making them, most recipes that I’ve seen seem to be very time consuming and complex, I was so excited when I found an easier recipe via The Organised Housewife.

Following baking bloggers on Facebook can be a good and bad thing, bad because I keep saving recipes that I want to make and never get time to make and good because I find recipes that amaze me. 

The cinnamon scrolls recipe from The Organised Housewife looked so simple to make, so I decided to make it this morning with toddler in tow (normally I bake after he is in bed). The recipe didn’t take long to make and I was done much under an hour.

25 minutes later and my cinnamon scrolls were baked, talk about easy.

For the icing, I used a cream cheese recipe that I found on All Recipes website because I love cream cheese icing more than the conventional icing sugar glaze.

The results…

This version of the cinnamon scroll was both soft on the inside but crunchy on the top. I really liked it this way because I really hate hard cinnamon scrolls that are crunchy all over. 

The cinnamon scrolls tasted so good, once again even my husband tried one and liked it. The cream cheese icing was a perfect pairing to the cinnamon scroll and I ended up using a lot of cream cheese icing on the roll. Sooooo good!

I am so pleased that the cinnamon scrolls turned out nicely, I might even make them again soon. That is another item to cross off my baking bucket list.

The cinnamon scrolls recipe can be found on this website The Organised Housewife cinnamon scrolls 

The cream cheese icing can be found on this website All Recipe’s cream cheese icing

5 ingredients Spanish Churros 

Today I am stuck at home feeling sick and of course this is the time in which I’m having a craving for everything that is not within my reach, today I just wanted Spanish churros, but I’m feeling too sick to go to San Churro, so I decided to make my own.

When I first made Spanish churros, the experience was so frustrating, that I never made them again. This time I happened to stumble upon a recipe by Recipe Tin Eats and it looked so easy, only 5 ingredients used for the batter, I was of course immediately sold. 

The churros batter was SO easy to make that it was dangerous, dangerous because it meant that I could easily whip these up anytime and quickly! (Uh oh.. there goes my diet).

The one thing that I used differently, was this time I used my wok to cook the churros , it is such a great idea and easier to work with than a pot, less splash with the hot oil.

The churros only took three minutes to cook and they were ready to eat.  For the chocolate sauce, I used Lindt chocolate and I did not add the thickened cream because I like my chocolate sauce thick.

The churros tasted so delicious, it took me a lot of resistance not to eat them all. My husband who doesn’t like sweet things liked them too.

I feel so much better now that I’ve got my Spanish churros fix, now it’s back to bed for me, so I can get better. 

Recipe Tin Eats Spanish churros recipe can be found on her website Recipe Tin Eats Spanish churros 

Death by chocolate cupcakes 

I only realised today that I haven’t written a post in a while. I’ve been so busy working long hours! Today I decided to find time to write about this amazing chocolate cupcake recipe that I found online from Sally’s Baking Blog.

On Thursday I decided that I would Google a new recipe to try, I wanted to make my friend cupcakes for her birthday, when I did a search of chocolate cupcakes, Sally’s recipe for death by chocolate cupcakes caught my eye.

The death by chocolate cupcake recipe was pretty easy to follow, the only one thing that I forgot to do was to sift the cocoa powder, this lead to small chunks of cocoa powder in my cupcakes. It was important to sift the cocoa powder first because this recipe cannot be over mixed and it would be hard to mix out the cocoa clumps. I also baked the cupcakes for only 15 minutes in my fan forced oven. 

Here is one of the finished product..

And another one from the second batch..

The death by chocolate cupcakes tasted so good, it was a rich, moist and dark chocolate sort of cupcake, without the dense texture of a chocolate mud cake, I really loved them, it was the perfect indulgent chocolate fix.

My friend whom I baked for really liked them too, so I was happy.

I totally recommend using this recipe if you want a rich dark chocolate cupcake without the heaviness of a chocolate mud cake. 

The death by chocolate cupcake recipe can be found on this website:

Sally’s baking Blog death by chocolate cupcakes