Iced Vovo Cupcakes

I have to confess that I love biscuits, my 1030am daily ritual consists of drinking a cup of strong tea and a few biscuits on the side which I dip into my tea. When I think back to my younger days, it appears that this habit started when I used to dip biscuits in my Dad’s cup of tea, this is something that my Dad likes to remind me of because he finds it amusing. 

One of my favourite biscuits back  in those days was Arnott’s iced vovo biscuits, they were a lovely treat and reminiscent of my childhood, so it was only natural that when I saw the recipe for iced vovo cupcakes, I got quite excited. 

I was supposed to make these cupcakes for Australia Day celebrations, but unfortunately I fell sick and so I ended up making them a few days later. When I was making these cupcakes, they actually reminded me of those marshmallow jam biscuits that I used to also like, I think they were called jam mallows. 

I actually ended up changing the recipe, I used my favourite cupcake base recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction and added desiccated coconut. I followed Not Quite Nigella’s recipe for the rest of the recipe.

My biggest concern about this recipe was making the marshmallow icing, but surprisingly this was really not too hard to make. The marshmallow icing turned out lovely. 

The finished cupcake looked lovely.

I did not actually eat one because I am on a diet, so I got my mum’s neighbour’s to taste test them for me. They said the cupcake was lovely and moist and the marshmallow icing was delicious and a nice change from the usual buttercream icing. I was so pleased that it tasted good.

I cannot wait to make these cupcakes again soon!

Iced Vovo Cupcake recipe: /2015/01/20/iced-vovo-cupcakes/#recipe

Happy new year!

Happy new year to all my lovely readers! Thank you for support and lovely comments, I cannot wait to share more recipes with you this year. 

Here is the first thing that I baked this year, vanilla and choc chip cupcakes. 

What should I bake next? Should I conquer my fear of baking sponge cake and macarons?


Butterbing Cookie Sandwiches

Some people have a bucket list of things that they want to do, I have a bucket list of things that I want to eat, when I saw a photo of Butterbing’s cookie sandwiches, I knew that these delicious morsels must be added to my bucket list. 

Last week I went to Melbourne with my mum and my toddler, my main reason for the visit was so that I could eat all the foods on my bucket list, unfortunately due to circumstances that I won’t mention, I didn’t get to eat everything. Luckily however I got to eat a lot of Butterbing’s cookie sandwiches. 

I managed to discover that this cafe called Cafenatics in The Emporium sold Butterbing’s cookie sandwiches. When I arrived at the display cabinet, I was so in awe and wanted to eat all of the cookie sandwiches.

I decided to buy one coconut and one vanilla bean cookie sandwich. I didn’t want to buy more in case I didn’t like them.

 I decided that I would try the coconut Butterbing cookie sandwich first. The cookie sandwich tasted amazing, the cookie part tasted like a chocolate brownie, slightly crunchy and chewy in texture. The coconut filling tasted creamy and tasted like real coconut and was not too sweet. I was so in love with these cookie sandwiches and became instantly addicted.

The next few days I ended up buying two Butterbing cookie sandwiches each day and I also bought some to take home to Sydney. Unfortunately the cafe gave me a peanut butter cookie sandwich instead of the gingerbread cookie sandwich, I was so devastated because I was looking forward to trying the gingerbread version. ­čś×

I cannot wait to eat more of these cookie sandwiches again soon, my friend tells me that she saw some on sale at the Brewery Yard Markets in Sydney, hope they sell them there again soon.

Butterbing’s website:

Frugii Dessert Laboratory 

I have always been a huge fan of Frugii’s ice cream, I remember many years ago when I got try to their passionfruit pavlova ice cream for the first time, it was most certainly love at first bite. Can you imagine  how excited I was when John the maker of Frugii ice cream announced he will be opening up a dessert bar. 

In November, my family and I finally got a chance to visit Frugii Dessert Laboratory, I was so excited. Upon arrival at the Frugii Dessert Laboratory I decided to stop and just let the sweet aura of the place sink into my sweet senses, the dessert bar looked lovely.

When we stepped inside, my eyes were immediately drawn like magnets to the desserts in the display cabinet, the 70% cocoa dark chocolate choux seemed to be the one dessert that won me over, it looked extraordinary, so I ordered that and then a chocolate milkshake for my husband. 

When the 70% cocoa dark chocolate choux was ready for consumption, I took a moment and smelt the choux and all I could smell was the intoxicating smell of chocolate. 

The 70% cocoa dark chocolate choux tasted so amazing,  that I was speechless at the time that when I took the first bite. My favourite part of the dessert was the dark chocolate creme patisserie filling, it tasted so creamy and delicious. 

Next up was the dark chocolate milkshake.  The dark chocolate milkshake was made with fresh milk and dark chocolate Frugii ice cream and had a creamy texture that made it so easy to drink. The milkshake wasn’t too sweet either, it was just a shame that we had to share it.  I especially loved that the milkshake was served in a beaker.

Finally, a trip to Frugii Dessert Laboratory would not be complete without eating some of Frugii’s famous ice cream, I decided to try the vanilla bean ice cream. Unfortunately I couldn’t stomach the ice cream because I was too full, but from the few licks that I did take, I can tell you that this ice cream is definitely the real vanilla deal.  

Overall I am really impressed with Frugii Dessert Laboratory, I love the concept and I love the desserts. I’m so happy for John and Edna, they have created a heavenly place for dessert connoisseurs like me. My only wish is that they open one up in Sydney. 

Frugii Dessert Laboratory is located at:

30 Lonsdale Street, Braddon ACT.


Eggy and yolky egg custard bun from Chef’s Gallery

Today I went to Chef’s Gallery at Macquarie Centre to meet my friend for lunch, I was so happy to see that they had the Eggy and yolky egg custard bun on their menu. 

I have been eyeing off the Eggy and yolky egg custard bun ever since I saw it advertised online. My friend and I ordered one plate of them, they come in twos.

When the Eggy and yolky egg custard buns arrived, I could not believe how cute they looked. 

 Of course I could not wait to push the bun down so the egg custard came flowing out, it was both hilarious and disturbing. It looked like the bun vomitted. 

The Eggy and yolky egg custard bun tasted so delicious, the bun wasn’t too sweet and the egg custard filling was warm and so delicious. 

Given the opportunity, I could’ve eaten two of them. 

Eggy and yolky egg custard buns are available from Chef’s Gallery.  

Chef’s Gallery website:

I love Grumpy Donuts 

Just a quick post to once again express my love for Grumpy Donuts. ­čśŹ

I got another order of donuts delivered to my work place today and I have to say they are still the best donuts EVER!!!! 

The Buttered Toast flavour is still my favourite, I ate two in an hour! They taste amazing, the donut texture was so soft and the topping was amazing! 

I want more!!!!!! Eat all the Grumpy Donuts! 

Grumpy Donut’s website:


I know that most of you have already heard about the freak shakes from Patissez, so you won’t be surprised that I had to make a pit stop to this cafe to try their shakes when I was visiting Canberra.

Surprisingly I was not quite sure whether or not I should try the freak shakes or not, but I let my curiosity get the better of me and I went sans toddler to try it. I really wanted to see what the hype was about.

When I arrived at Patissez, I was not sure what to expect, so I took a seat at a table and the read the menu. There were a few freak shakes on the menu and thankfully they came in two sizes, the mini version and the out of control epic freak shakes. I opted for the cookies n freaks mini freak shake, because I was not brave enough to drink the bigger one. 

Luckily for me they were not busy and therefore my cookies n freaks freak shake arrived shortly after. (I got there 9:30am)

When my freak shake arrived, I was immediately in awe of its sugary beauty, the freak shake looked amazing. 

I will admit that I had no idea on how to start drinking/eating the freak shake. I decided the best option was take the cookie off the freak shake and drink the liquid part first. 

From first sip you could tell they used good quality milk, I read on their Facebook page that they use unhomogenised jersey milk and natural ingredients. The freak shake tasted sweet, but not too sweet, the milk was so creamy, the cookie on top tasted freshly baked and crunchy and they used fresh cream.  It was very indulgent and yummy. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the freak shake because I had just eaten a huge bacon and egg roll for breakfast. 

Now that I’ve had my first taste of these crazy shakes, I kind of would like to try the other flavours. I shall be back and next time I shall not be defeated!! 

Patissez is located at: Shop 2/21 “The Lawns” Bougainville Street Manuka. 

Patissez Facebook page:


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