New favourites

It’s time to update you all on my current sweet favourites.

1. Christina’s Honey Cake

I am absolutely obsessed with Christina’s Honey Cake! This honey cake is hands down my favourite cake that I’ve eaten so far. The cake is truly addictive.

Link Christina’s Honey Cakes

2. Alouss Chocolate

I discovered Alouss Chocolate at the Good, Food and Wine Show and I have been addicted ever since. Their Mossman milk chocolate is my favourite from their range, it’s just so smooth and creamy!

Link Alouss Chocolate

3. Black Cockatoo Bakery

Black Cockatoo Bakery is the most amazing bakery, I am addicted to their chocolate croissants, their croissants are so flaky and buttery. In my opinion, their croissants are the best that I’ve ever eaten.

Link Black Cockatoo Bakery

4. Grumpy Donut’s Fairy Bread Donut

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with Grumpy Donuts, their donuts are just so amazing! I love their fairy bread donut, it is so yummy and the sprinkles remind me of my childhood.

Link Grumpy Donuts

There you have it, my current top favourites. Any suggestions on where else I should go or eat?



Easy homemade Scones

Making scones is one thing that I hate the most, I hate kneading things by hand. After volunteering for the Country Women’s Association at the Easter Show as a scone cutter, I felt invincible and knew that I could conquer this fear by making my own scones at home.

Volunteering for the CWA at the Easter Show was one of the most amazing and tiring experiences of my life. I got to meet some amazing women and learnt so much. My role was a scone cutter, this meant that once the mixture was mixed, I had to knead the scone mixture and cut them into scones. I cut a lot of scones on my 4 hour shift and was so tired afterwards. On the day that I volunteered they sold 5124 scones!

It’s actually taken me a few weeks to want to even think about making scones and because it was my day off, I felt inspired to make some scones.

I googled so many recipes and I found a recipe by the CWA that won me over. This recipe looked so easy. The recipe took so little time to make, I was chuffed. To cut the scones I used the top of a glass because I could not find my cookie cutter. To ensure the scones are not sticky, I used lots of plain flour to flour the bench and scones.

The results were beautiful.

I ate one of the scones straight from the oven. The scones tasted so amazing, they were fluffy and soft on the inside. My husband was also impressed.

I really think that I’ve found the best scone recipe ever, I’ll definitely make them again soon.

CWA scones Recipe:

3/4 cups of cream

1 cup of milk

3 tablespoons of sifted icing sugar

3 cups of sifted self raising flour


Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius

With an electric beater on low speed, mix the cream, milk and icing sugar for one minute.

Mix in the flour with wooden spoon, be careful not to over mix.

Put mixture on a well floured surface and knead. If mixture gets sticky, dust with plain flour.

Cut the scones into desired shape. Place scones on a greased/floured baking tray and make sure the scones are touching each other. I used cooking oil spray and sprinkle of plain flour.

Cook in the oven for 12-15 minutes.

Cadbury Caramilk

The latest hype in the supermarket this month appears to be Cadbury’s Caramilk from their New Zealand branch and I was determined to try it to see what the hype is all about.

I’ll confess that I am not a huge fan of Cadbury chocolate, I always find it so sweet, but because internet star Christian Hull said it was amazing, I had to try it for myself. Despite people complaining that they had trouble finding it, I managed to find it at Coles.

Cadbury Caramilk is essentially caramelised white chocolate and it was previously only sold in New Zealand and now Coles and Woolworths in Australia have been stocking limited quantities of the chocolate.

My friend and I had tried the chocolate at the same time, I chose this particular friend because he is a huge Cadbury fan. We both agreed that although the chocolate was creamy, the chocolate was just too sweet and honestly nothing special. We both felt so disappointed.

I felt really sad that I didn’t like it, I honestly wanted to, but it wasn’t for my liking.

Cadbury Caramilk costs $5 and is available from Woolworths, Coles and some independent supermarkets. It is currently on sale at Coles for $3.

Cinnamon sugar candied nuts

I love cinnamon sugar, it is just one of many sweet things that I adore, I believe that cinnamon sugar works well in any baking recipe. I had tonnes of raw macadamia and raw pecan nuts sitting in my pantry (my mum went crazy buying me tonnes), so I thought why not make some cinnamon sugar candied nuts.

The idea of cinnamon sugar candied nuts just sounded delicious, I assumed that they’d taste like the ones that from the nut shops that you’d buy. I searched for a recipe and I found one that was nice and easy.

The recipe was pretty easy to follow, however in one instance I forgot to turn them over (I blame my toddler). Once the nuts were baked, I let them cool and resisted the urge to eat one.

The cinnamon sugar candied nuts tasted so delicious, it really gave the nuts a nice crunch to them and the nuts itself tasted like they just had been roasted.

I decided to share the cinnamon sugar candied nuts with my dad and he loved them.

This recipe is so dangerously easy to make and so delicious.

The recipe for cinnamon sugar candied nuts-


I have a few items that I really dislike baking and pavlova is one of them. Making pavlova scares me because it always looks so complicated, I felt inspired to make one after finding a recipe by Adam Liaw.

The last time I made a pavlova it went quite brown and it was quite flat, I felt so deflated after that, so I decided to give up. Then one day I saw a Instagram post from Adam Liaw promising that his recipe will help make the perfect pavlova, so I decided to be brave and give it a go.

After reading the recipe it seems that the main reason that my pavlova might have failed is the fact that I did not mix the egg whites/sugar long enough and that my oven was too hot. This time around I followed those steps carefully and thankfully my pavlova looked much nicer.

For the garnishing I put mango, whipped cream and shredded coconut. I was so proud of my pavlova, look how high and white it looks. 😍

The pavlova tasted really nice and the additions of mangoes instead of the usual strawberries was a nice change. I might have put the same garnishes as Adam’s if I had the ingredients.

Looks like I might be making a pavlova again soon, I’m crossing it off my baking nemesis list.

Adam Liaw’s recipe:


Happy new year!

Happy new year lovelies!

I cannot believe it is already 2018, 2017 flew by so fast. What a year.

Thank you to my followers who have liked my Instagram posts on @dessertaddictsanonymous 27,000+ times, I am so overwhelmed with the love. Please check out my Instagram if you have not done so already.

2017 was a fun year in baking for me, I got to experiment with so many new techniques and my obsession for baking grew stronger. Here are my favourites for 2017-

I am hoping that I can continue to bake and to one day hopefully do a class so that I can improve my skills.

I promise to blog more this year too, I have not really had the chance to sit down and write. (Mum life)

Anyway, I you all have a fabulous year! Keep on baking.




Gingerbread cupcakes

It’s that time of the year again where I go into crazy baking mode baking for all the Christmas parties that I have to attend. This year I’ve gone crazy on gingerbread.

The one thing I hate about Christmas type cakes is fruit cake, I hate dried fruit, I find it disgusting and as a child I used to pick the fruit out of the cake and just eat the cake.

This year I decided to bake gingerbread inspired recipes and today I decided to bake gingerbread cupcakes with cream cheese icing and sprinkled with gingerbread crumble.

I actually had a dream about this recipe idea in my sleep, I was so excited to make it the next day. I ended up googling a few recipes for gingerbread cupcakes and then chose one that seemed to suit my needs. The recipe that I chose looked easy to make, the only tweak that I made was not using maple syrup and only using not quite 1/2 a cup of treacle rather than molasses. Despite these tweaks, the recipe did turn out really well, such a relief.

For the gingerbread crumble, I tweaked the recipe to add more spices to the mix.

The result, delicious Christmas inspired cupcakes.

The cupcake combination worked really well and it was not too intense in gingerbread flavouring. The cupcake was also so moist.

I apologise for not posting this recipe before Christmas, I was just so busy! I also apologise for not typing out the recipe, no time with a toddler. 😭

The recipe can be located on these links:

Gingerbread cupcakes (minus the Twix)

The gingerbread crumble (add mixed spice)

Cream cheese icing


As you all know, I’m a huge cake snob, so when my friend on Instagram @foodismylifemelbourne told me there’s a cake shop in Melbourne that sells the best cakes that he has ever eaten, I booked flights to Melbourne asap and went with him to check it out. 

Beatrix is a cute cake shop/cafe in North Melbourne, that sells a huge range of sweet treats and also savoury food such as gourmet ciabatta filled rolls, I definitely want to try their savoury items when I come back to Melbourne.

When I arrived at Beatrix, I was so impressed with their delicious range of cakes and slices, I really wanted to eat them all. My main goal of the visit was to try their their strawberries and cream cheesecake, because I am obsessed with cheesecake.

I ended ordering two slices of cake, I chose the strawberries and cream cheesecake and the cocoa sour cream layer cake. I really wanted to order a third slice of cake, but I knew I couldn’t stomach it. 

The strawberries and cream cake was amazing, the texture was so creamy and delicious, it was definitely love at first bite! Each bite of this cake brought me so much happiness. (I actually think I was having a Meg Ryan moment in “When Harry Met Sally”). 

The cocoa and sour cream cake was so moist and chocolately and not heavy at all. I also liked the raspberries in the cake too, unfortunately I was too full half way through and I had to get the rest for take away.

Leaving Beatrix was a REALLY sad moment for me, I just felt like I had broken up with a lost love, I knew that I would not have another chance to eat their cakes for a while, I really wished I lived in Melbourne. 

Now as I browse their Instagram page, I feel so sad because I miss their cakes and really wish that one day they’ll open up a shop in Sydney or I can visit Melbourne again some day soon.

Beatrix cakes is now officially my new favourite cake shop. 

Beatrix is located at: 

688 Queensberry Street North Melbourne (corner of Lothian Street)

Allen’s green frogs are back!!

Yes, you read right, Allen’s green frogs are back and they’ve brought along some orange and yellow friends too. 

With the high demand from lovers of Allen’s green frogs,  Allen’s have finally decided to make their green frogs again and seriously I couldn’t be any happier. 

Allen’s have now released a variety of flavoured frogs in a new packaging variety called “Frog Family” , these include red, green, orange and yellow frogs. 

This morning I rushed off to Coles Supermarket and bought every packet off the shelf, I decided to stock up before everyone else buys them all. 

I am in heaven now!

Run, don’t walk to Coles and IGA NOW!!!!! 

Eggless moist chocolate cupcakes 

I love baking and the one thing that I seem to run out of is eggs, I always buy a huge tray of organic eggs and I always run out so quickly. Of course when it came time to bake cupcakes for my friend’s birthday, I had no eggs leftover. *cue the panic 

I was feeling too cold and lazy to go to the shops to buy eggs and my husband was not getting my subtle hints for him to go buy me some eggs, so I decided to look up eggless cupcakes recipes and I stumbled upon one that looked so easy to make.

I was quite sceptical to use a recipe that contained no eggs, I wasn’t too convinced that it would work out, but I was willing to give it a try because it looked so easy to make. The recipe very little time to make. 

I did encounter one issue, when I added the melted butter to the dry ingredients, mixed it and then added the milk, it was kind of  lumpy and the lumps were not coming out, so I left them and thankfully when the cupcakes were ready there were no signs of lumps in the baked cupcake. 

To finish off the cupcake I decided to add a milk chocolate icing. The cupcake tasted so good, and thankfully the cupcake tasted so chocolately and moist.

I am eggtremely excited to have found a great eggless recipe. 😉

The recipe for the eggless chocolate cupcakes can be found on this link 

All Recipe’s eggless chocolate cupcakes