Easy homemade Scones

Making scones is one thing that I hate the most, I hate kneading things by hand. After volunteering for the Country Women’s Association at the Easter Show as a scone cutter, I felt invincible and knew that I could conquer this fear by making my own scones at home.

Volunteering for the CWA at the Easter Show was one of the most amazing and tiring experiences of my life. I got to meet some amazing women and learnt so much. My role was a scone cutter, this meant that once the mixture was mixed, I had to knead the scone mixture and cut them into scones. I cut a lot of scones on my 4 hour shift and was so tired afterwards. On the day that I volunteered they sold 5124 scones!

It’s actually taken me a few weeks to want to even think about making scones and because it was my day off, I felt inspired to make some scones.

I googled so many recipes and I found a recipe by the CWA that won me over. This recipe looked so easy. The recipe took so little time to make, I was chuffed. To cut the scones I used the top of a glass because I could not find my cookie cutter. To ensure the scones are not sticky, I used lots of plain flour to flour the bench and scones.

The results were beautiful.

I ate one of the scones straight from the oven. The scones tasted so amazing, they were fluffy and soft on the inside. My husband was also impressed.

I really think that I’ve found the best scone recipe ever, I’ll definitely make them again soon.

CWA scones Recipe:

3/4 cups of cream

1 cup of milk

3 tablespoons of sifted icing sugar

3 cups of sifted self raising flour


Preheat oven to 200 degrees Celsius

With an electric beater on low speed, mix the cream, milk and icing sugar for one minute.

Mix in the flour with wooden spoon, be careful not to over mix.

Put mixture on a well floured surface and knead. If mixture gets sticky, dust with plain flour.

Cut the scones into desired shape. Place scones on a greased/floured baking tray and make sure the scones are touching each other. I used cooking oil spray and sprinkle of plain flour.

Cook in the oven for 12-15 minutes.