Gingerbread Men

Last year’s attempt at making gingerbread men may have been a struggle because I could not find the right recipe, this year I used the recipe by Chocolate Suze and the results were much better. 

Chocolate Suze’s recipe was really simple and straight forward, I was not stressed making the gingerbread like I was last year, the only problem I did have was forgetting that I didn’t have much ginger spice left over, this problem was rectified on my most recent attempt.

The gingerbread men didn’t take long to make which was perfect because I didn’t have much time. This year I decided to use my gingerbread men cookie cutter rather than my cat cookie cutter.

The gingerbread smelt so delicious when they were ready. 

I had impatiently let the gingerbread men cool down and I ate one, the gingerbread men tasted so good, they were not too crunchy but they had a lovely chewy texture which is what I had aimed for. I may have eaten a few too many of them afterwards. 

I had intended to decorate the gingerbread men, but I really do not have the time or energy, maybe next year.

I definitely recommend that you use this recipe if you are intending to make gingerbread men this year. 

Chocolate Suze’s recipe:

Gingerbread men