Lindt Lindor coconut dark chocolate 

I will be honest in saying that I haven’t been fond of Lindt chocolate lately, I just felt like their chocolate didn’t taste as good anymore, this all changed when I got to try the new Lindt’s Lindor Coconut Dark Chocolate range.

Whilst walking through Woolworths I was offered a Lindt Lindor Coconut Dark Chocolate ball, I took one but did not have any expectations. When I got home I tried the chocolate and was pleasantly surprised, the Lindt’s Lindor Coconut Dark Chocolate ball tasted really nice! The dark chocolate part of the Lindt’s Lindor Coconut Dark Chocolate ball was really smooth, melted in my mouth and was it bitter, the coconut filling was creamy and the coconut flavour of the filling tasted real and not artificial. 

 Lindt’s Lindor Coconut Dark Chocolate comes in various forms, you can buy it in bar form or as balls, the balls come in boxes and bags, I personally prefer Lindt’s Lindor Coconut Dark Chocolate in bar form. 

I have to admit that Lindt’s Lindor Coconut Dark Chocolate is now my new favourite chocolate, I love it so much that I went to Coles and bought 15 bars because they were on sale for only $1. (Bargain)

I totally recommend that you try this chocolate, I’ve even gotten my friends addicted to this chocolate.

Lindt’s Lindor Coconut Dark Chocolate range is sold at all major supermarkets. 

Baking for charity

As part of my 365 Days of Ness kindness challenge, I decided to help out my local Rotary club by baking cupcakes for free for their morning tea fundraiser, I was so excited to help out. Rotary’s morning tea fundraiser was to help raise money for the Queensland drought relief.

I ended up only baking 45 cupcakes because unfortunately I ran out of sugar and could not bake anymore, plus I did not want to wake up my toddler to go to the shops. I now wish I could have baked more cupcakes and maybe some chocolate brownies because there was not much available at the stall.


When I brought the cupcakes to the Rotary stall they were so excited and very surprised that I had baked so many cupcakes.

IMG_6402 IMG_6401

Many of the patrons at the stall were eager to buy a cupcake.

I could not stick around to help out at the stall because I had an appointment to go to, but I got an message from Rotary and they said they raised over $600 from the morning tea and thanked me for my valuable contribution. They also told me that the cupcakes went fast and people liked them.

I was so pleased that I could help out and that the morning tea went so well.





Cupcakes for two 

Does anyone remember that scene in the movie Bridesmaids when Annie bakes that amazing cupcake for one? Just like Annie, I have days when all I want is one or two cupcakes and cannot be bothered making a whole dozen. 

Today was one of those days when I felt like eating just one cupcake, so I searched Google for a recipe for cupcake for one and one of my favourite bloggers’ recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction came up and of course I used this recipe.

I was totally amazed how easy the recipe was, I ended up adding one teaspoon of yoghurt to add some moisture to the cupcakes. 

The cupcakes were ready after only 12 minutes. 

The cupcakes tasted amazing, they were  really delicious and moist. I will admit that I was really surprised how well the cupcakes turned out. (Excuse the wonky cupcake lol)

I ended up being really lazy and I made a basic cream based icing. I decided not to pipe the icing (too tired.. Mum life). Thankfully the basic icing still worked really well with the cupcakes.

I am not sure that knowing how to bake cupcakes for two is a good or bad thing, one thing I know is it is definitely a dangerous thing to know.

Cupcakes recipe for two can be found on this website:

Sally’s Baking Addiction Cupcakes for two

PSA: Grumpy Donuts at Single Origin Roasters

Okay, so this is not really new news, but I thought I would make a public service announcement anyway. I am so over joyed that my favourite donuts, Grumpy Donuts are sold at Single Origin Roasters, but from what I have read, it seems to be only on certain days, I suggest following Grumpy Donuts Official  and Single Origin Roasters on Instagram for updates and news.

Go get these buttered brioche donuts and other donuts now before they run out! Run….!


Banana cupcakes with cream cheese icing

Once again my mum went crazy and bought us too much fruit and we never got around to eating it, in particular we still had a bunch of over ripe bananas left over, so I decided to bake banana cupcakes.

Instead of using the same old recipe that I usually use, I decided to Google a new recipe and found a great banana cupcake recipe by this great blog called What Jessica Baked Next , I only just discovered her blog and I already love it.

The recipe was pretty easy to follow, the only thing that I did not want do was to use a mixer and as you know I hate using mine, so I ended up using my good old wooden spoon and a whisk, it was certainly a good arm work out.

I ended up baking the banana cupcakes for 14 minutes rather than the 18 minutes that the recipe required and the banana cupcakes turned out really well. Making the icing was so much hard work without a mixer, but the icing really looked great when it was finished. When the banana cupcakes cooled down, I piped the cream cheese icing onto the cupcakes. The banana cupcakes looked great and I was so pleased.


After decorating the banana cupcakes, I put the cupcakes in the fridge and then took them into work the next day. My work colleagues said they really liked the banana cupcakes, they said the banana cupcakes tasted really moist and delicious. I had a taste of one and I too really the banana cupcakes, the texture of the banana cupcake was really moist, the addition of cinnamon was perfect and the cream cheese really was a delicious addition to the cupcakes.

I will definitely make these banana cupcakes again soon, I might search through her website to see what other recipes I can use.

Banana cupcakes with cream cheese icing recipe can be located on this website:

What Jessica Baked Next- Banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting