Gingerbread cupcakes

It’s that time of the year again where I go into crazy baking mode baking for all the Christmas parties that I have to attend. This year I’ve gone crazy on gingerbread.

The one thing I hate about Christmas type cakes is fruit cake, I hate dried fruit, I find it disgusting and as a child I used to pick the fruit out of the cake and just eat the cake.

This year I decided to bake gingerbread inspired recipes and today I decided to bake gingerbread cupcakes with cream cheese icing and sprinkled with gingerbread crumble.

I actually had a dream about this recipe idea in my sleep, I was so excited to make it the next day. I ended up googling a few recipes for gingerbread cupcakes and then chose one that seemed to suit my needs. The recipe that I chose looked easy to make, the only tweak that I made was not using maple syrup and only using not quite 1/2 a cup of treacle rather than molasses. Despite these tweaks, the recipe did turn out really well, such a relief.

For the gingerbread crumble, I tweaked the recipe to add more spices to the mix.

The result, delicious Christmas inspired cupcakes.

The cupcake combination worked really well and it was not too intense in gingerbread flavouring. The cupcake was also so moist.

I apologise for not posting this recipe before Christmas, I was just so busy! I also apologise for not typing out the recipe, no time with a toddler. 😭

The recipe can be located on these links:

Gingerbread cupcakes (minus the Twix)

The gingerbread crumble (add mixed spice)

Cream cheese icing