Quality over quantity

I get really annoyed about people complaining about the costs of coffee or food at cafes/bakeries etc, they obviously don’t take into account the costs of running a business. If you don’t want to pay that price, then don’t go there.

For example:

I would rather pay $4 – $4.50 for a quality hot chocolate because I understand the costs of running a cafe and I am happy to support them.

I refuse to buy a $2 coffee at certain well known place because I know they don’t pay their staff fairly.

I do not buy cheap milk that I know does not support farmers.

I pay $4.50 or more for a quality croissant because I know it’s made with high quality and expensive ingredients and I understand the time and effort it takes to make the product.

I pay more for cakes and sweet treats because I value quality over quantity and I know how much effort it takes to make them and the costs of ingredients.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I am not rich, I just value quality over quantity. I also am a believer in supporting small businesses. As my 4yo says “you get what get so you don’t get upset”.

Rant over!


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