Ciccone and Sons

Yesterday was my day to do whatever I want and I was super excited at the possibilities of where I could go and eat, one of the places I went to was Ciccone and Sons.

My friends on Instagram have all been regular visitors of this place and have all given rave reviews, I really wanted to go, but with an active toddler it seemed impossible. 

Ciccone and Sons is actually a small shop and I almost walked past the place, because the shop is so tiny incomparison to fruit shop next door. 

When I arrived at Ciccone and Sons I was in awe of the simplicity of the shop, as well as the varieties of gelato available on the menu, I had already decided prior to my visit that I would order the stracciatella gelato.  I opted for the smallest size.


When the gelato was being scooped up, it just looked a gigantic serving that looked impossible to eat up, the guy working there said the gelato just came out of the deep freezer and was still a little bit hard.

The stracciatella gelato tasted really nice, it was not too sweet like some gelatos that I have previously eaten, it was milky, creamy and delicious. The stracciatella gelato also had lots of chocolate in it too. From eating their gelato you could tell that it was made with quality ingredients. (I was told that they make their gelato in small batches).

I really want to go back to Ciccone and Sons to try their other flavours, their menu changes regularly, so the options to try are endless and exciting.

Ciccone and Sons is located at: 

195 Regent Street, Redfern. 

* Ciccone and Sons only accepts cash and has no eftpos available.

Check out their Instagram Ciccone and Sons for further information.