Christmas delights from Oh So Sweet

To the annoyance of my husband, I am obsessed with trying new dessert items. When I see something new, I get so excited and have to try it. Sometimes the new dessert I try is great, but quite often the dessert item is not so great. When I saw Oh So Sweet’s store at the local farmer’s market, I had to think twice whether to try their Christmas goodies.

Oh So Sweet looked like a very cute market store. On display they sold cupcakes with Christmas designs, Gingerbread Houses in two sizes and biscuits. What actually caught my eye was their mini Gingerbread Houses. I really wanted to buy a Gingerbread House this year, but I did not want to buy a big one, because I would be the only one eating it. I asked the lady at the store about the Gingerbread Houses and she told me the smaller Gingerbread House were $15.00, however the only ones that are left are gluten free. At that moment, my heart sunk. I had not had a good track record with liking gluten free desserts, so I thanked the lady and I walked away.

After several laps of the farmer’s market, I decided to revisit the store and ask a few questions about the gluten free Gingerbread House and their products. This time I got to speak to the owner who makes the products. She told me that the gluten free Gingerbread Houses tasted great, and that they tasted as good as the standard ones. The owner told me that when it comes to baking it is all about the taste. At that point, I was sold. I ended up buying one gluten free Gingerbread House.

As we were about to leave, my eyes noticed the cupcakes that were on display. The cupcakes looked so delicious. I noticed that she had chocolate, vanilla and red velvet cupcakes. I decided that I would buy just one vanilla cupcake. The cupcake only costed $3.

When we got home, I immediately decided to try the vanilla cupcake.



The vanilla cupcake was very fluffy on the inside and had a nice texture that was not dry. The icing was quite plain but tasty. I was so happy not to have wasted money on another bad dessert item.

Days later I finally decided to deconstruct the Gingerbread House. The Gingerbread House looked so pretty, that I did not want to ruin it. I cracked it open and took a bite of the Gingerbread. Despite the Gingerbread being gluten free, it tasted quite nice. The Gingerbread was not too sweet, it had a nice slight spicy taste to it and the texture was almost soft like a cake. I was quite impressed. The icing was nice at first, but as always the icing became too sweet by the end.


Overall I was quite satisfied with my purchase from Oh So Sweet. My opinion on gluten free desserts has definitely changed. I wish that I had bought more items from their store. Hopefully they will be back at the markets next year, so I can try more of their goodies.


Oh So Sweet:

Mobile: 0403 347 857


They can also be found on Facebook.