Easy cheese and bacon rolls (just like the ones Bakers Delight)

Tonight I thought I would share a recipe with you that is surprisingly not a sweet recipe, but it is a savoury recipe!! Say what?!! Yes.. savoury!

People who know me well know that I cannot really cook savoury dishes, thankfully I married someone who can cook. Last week I discovered a recipe for cheese and bacon rolls and I finally decided to make them. 

The recipe for making the cheese and bacon rolls was really long, I will admit that the recipe felt a tad intimindating at first, but once I got into the process of making it, it didn’t seem so bad. Oh, did I forget to also mention that I’ve never made bread before and it scares me?

For the cheese and bacon rolls I ended up using wood smoked bacon from Plateau Quality Meats and Mainland extra tasty grated cheese, I didn’t want to use plain diced bacon or plain cheese, I wanted lots of flavour. 

The bread making part was actually not too difficult, it was made easy by using my Kenwood Kmix stand mixer to knead the dough. The most difficult part of the process was waiting, the dough had to rest for an hour and when the dough was garnished with the toppings, it had to rest for a further 30 minutes. 

Check out my photo of the dough after it had been resting for one hour..

Garnishing the rolls with the toppings..

The cheese and bacon rolls only took twenty minutes to cook in my fan forced oven and they looked delicious.

And here are the beauties..

The cheese and bacon rolls tasted so delicious, I really think that they tasted better than the cheese and bacon rolls from Bakers Delight, probably because of the fact that I used wood smoked bacon and extra tasty cheese. 

I think for the next batch, I’ll have to cut the bacon smaller, so it doesn’t slide off the rolls, I may also have to use less bacon. 

I definitely want to make these again and one day, maybe next time I’ll use the cheese and bacon filling that was mentioned in the recipe.

The cheese and bacon roll recipe can be found on this website:

Recipe Tin’s cheese and bacon rolls