Eggy and yolky egg custard bun from Chef’s Gallery

Today I went to Chef’s Gallery at Macquarie Centre to meet my friend for lunch, I was so happy to see that they had the Eggy and yolky egg custard bun on their menu. 

I have been eyeing off the Eggy and yolky egg custard bun ever since I saw it advertised online. My friend and I ordered one plate of them, they come in twos.

When the Eggy and yolky egg custard buns arrived, I could not believe how cute they looked. 

 Of course I could not wait to push the bun down so the egg custard came flowing out, it was both hilarious and disturbing. It looked like the bun vomitted. 

The Eggy and yolky egg custard bun tasted so delicious, the bun wasn’t too sweet and the egg custard filling was warm and so delicious. 

Given the opportunity, I could’ve eaten two of them. 

Eggy and yolky egg custard buns are available from Chef’s Gallery.  

Chef’s Gallery website:


I love Grumpy Donuts 

Just a quick post to once again express my love for Grumpy Donuts. 😍

I got another order of donuts delivered to my work place today and I have to say they are still the best donuts EVER!!!! 

The Buttered Toast flavour is still my favourite, I ate two in an hour! They taste amazing, the donut texture was so soft and the topping was amazing! 

I want more!!!!!! Eat all the Grumpy Donuts! 

Grumpy Donut’s website:


I know that most of you have already heard about the freak shakes from Patissez, so you won’t be surprised that I had to make a pit stop to this cafe to try their shakes when I was visiting Canberra.

Surprisingly I was not quite sure whether or not I should try the freak shakes or not, but I let my curiosity get the better of me and I went sans toddler to try it. I really wanted to see what the hype was about.

When I arrived at Patissez, I was not sure what to expect, so I took a seat at a table and the read the menu. There were a few freak shakes on the menu and thankfully they came in two sizes, the mini version and the out of control epic freak shakes. I opted for the cookies n freaks mini freak shake, because I was not brave enough to drink the bigger one. 

Luckily for me they were not busy and therefore my cookies n freaks freak shake arrived shortly after. (I got there 9:30am)

When my freak shake arrived, I was immediately in awe of its sugary beauty, the freak shake looked amazing. 

I will admit that I had no idea on how to start drinking/eating the freak shake. I decided the best option was take the cookie off the freak shake and drink the liquid part first. 

From first sip you could tell they used good quality milk, I read on their Facebook page that they use unhomogenised jersey milk and natural ingredients. The freak shake tasted sweet, but not too sweet, the milk was so creamy, the cookie on top tasted freshly baked and crunchy and they used fresh cream.  It was very indulgent and yummy. Unfortunately I couldn’t finish the freak shake because I had just eaten a huge bacon and egg roll for breakfast. 

Now that I’ve had my first taste of these crazy shakes, I kind of would like to try the other flavours. I shall be back and next time I shall not be defeated!! 

Patissez is located at: Shop 2/21 “The Lawns” Bougainville Street Manuka. 

Patissez Facebook page:

Chasing Mr Morris

This weekend my family and I are having a mini break in Canberra, my agenda whilst in Canberra was to eat and eat until I explode.  One of my planned places to visit was Chasing Mr Morris.

Chasing Mr Morris is a awesome food truck that makes the best donuts, cupcakes, coffee and much more. I have been drooling over their Instagram feed for months now. 

Unfortunately when I arrived at the Chasing Mr Morris food truck which is located at The Hamlet, they only had two types of donuts left. The two donuts were coconut ice and I think the other was called pink biscuit donut, I ended up buying one of each. I decided that I couldn’t wait to eat them, so I ate them straight away. From the first bite, I was really impressed, the donuts were soft and fluffy and not too sweet. Out of the two donuts, I liked the coconut ice donut the most. 


The next day I decided that I would visit them again to see if I could buy one of their gay time donuts, but unfortunately they had run out, I settled for a chocolate donut. The chocolate donut tasted so delicious as well, once again it was so soft, fluffy and not too sweet. I wish I bought two.

I have to say that I am so happy that the Chasing Mr Morris  donuts tasted good, because I could not deal with another donut failure. 
I am hoping that I can visit again tomorrow before I head back to Sydney. 

Why can’t Sydney a Chasing Mr Morris food truck too?

Chasing Mr Morris is located at The Hamlet 16 Lonsdale Street, Braddon. 

*Follow them on Instagram @chasingmrmorris

*Follow my Canberra food adventures on my Instagram @dessertaddictsanonymous

Doughnut Time

Donuts or doughnuts are definitely the IT food of 2015 and I can tell you that I am obsessed about eating them. When I read about a new doughnut place, I try my best to go try them. This time I found myself at Doughnut Time’s pop up shop on the Ground Floor of Topshop.

I was so exciting to try Doughnut Time’s doughnuts that I finished work early so I could try one. I arrived at Doughnut Time at 4:30pm and there were already ten people in line. 


The doughnuts in the display cabinets looked so delicious, they looked quite big in size that they looked like cronuts. It took me a while to decide which doughnuts to try, they all just looked so amazing.

In the end I decided to be good and only order two doughnuts, I chose the OG doughnut (original glazed) and the Slim Shady doughnut (cream glaze with M&Ms).

  The OG doughnut was alright, it kind of tasted plain though and I thought the doughnut texture was quite doughy. The Slim Shady doughnut was pretty much the same texture. I am thinking that maybe they were having a bad day because everyone else I know is raving on about them.

Unfortunately I cannot say that I’ll be back for more doughnuts any time soon or maybe I’ll visit their Brisbane branch one day. Second chances right?
What were your thoughts in their doughnuts?

Doughnut Time is located on the Ground Floor of Top Shop in Sydney city. Easy access via the QVB entrance. Open from 4pm. 


Rainbow Buttercream Icing 

Occasionally my friends would tag me in a blog post or a baking demonstration video and suggest that I try to make it, this time my friend tagged me in a rainbow buttercream icing post on Facebook and I was determined to give it a go.

For the icing, I ended up using my Americolor food colours orange, deep pink, blue and green. I put the colours in random  order but it ended up being thicker lines that the one demonstrated in the video.

The technique in the video was pretty easy to follow and I was very pleased with the end result. 

The colours looked so beautiful when piped together and using the Wilton 1M piping tip gave the icing a lovely rainbow rosette    design. 


I cannot wait to do this again! Yay!

My tools that I used:

Daiso piping bags, Glad Wrap, Americolor food colouring and Wilton 1M piping tip.

Icing recipe:

Mix together-

130 grams of softened butter

2 cups of sifted icing sugar

1 tablespoon of milk (add more if consistency isn’t right)

Rainbow Buttercream demonstration video can be located on this You Tube link:

Super moist carrot cake cupcakes 

This morning I thought I would sort out the fridge because it seems to be full of things that are rotten, when I was cleaning out the fridge I found two kilograms of carrots. I decided that I would use them up by baking carrot cake cupcakes and maybe carrot cake cookies. 

This morning I googled a recipe for carrot cake and the first search result was from my favourite blog Sally’s Baking Addiction, so I thought that I would use her recipe. Sally’s recipe for super moist carrot cake had one issue, it said I have to use a mixer and I was too lazy to use one, so I used a whisk instead. Luckily for me the carrot cake still worked out okay.

The carrot cake recipe was so easy to follow, I ended up using walnuts instead of pecans and I used my own cream cheese icing recipe. 

When the cupcakes were finished, I ate one and I can tell you that they looked and tasted amazing, the carrot cake cupcake was so unbelievably moist and the cream cheese icing was so creamy.

 I am so excited that the carrot cake cupcakes turned out so well because this is the first time that I have ever made them. Next time I might buy extra walnuts to garnish the cupcakes. 

Go to this recipe now!!!

Sally’s baking addiction super moist carrot cake recipe can be found on her website:

Home made fryday favourites 

Today I thought I’d share something savoury by writing about some of my favourite things I like to cook on Fryday. 

One thing you must know about me, is that I cannot cook savoury food, my lovely husband does all the cooking. To be honest I never really took an interest with cooking savoury food and only took an interest with baking sweet stuff.

So you are now probably wondering what is  “Fryday”. Fryday is quite simply Fried food Friday, a day in which my husband and I eat something fried-naughty. Sometimes we might get take out or sometimes I would cook something in my beloved deep fryer. (Gosh I love my deep fryer)

Here are a few of my Fryday favourites:

1. Popcorn chicken 

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make popcorn chicken, all I had to do was slice up chicken breast into small 1cm or less pieces, dip them into egg, coat them in plain flour and then into the deep fryer for approximately 6 minutes. In the flour I added any dried herbs or spices that I wanted, such as marjoram, garlic, paprika or onion powder. The result is a delicious crispy batch of popcorn chicken! Yum..

2. Deep fried Lebanese bread

I started to love eating deep fried Lebanese bread ever since I discovered it whilst eating at Zenobias, I couldn’t believe how easy it was to make. All you do is cut up the Lebanese bread and pop into the deep fryer. Too easy right? Sometimes I like to sprinkle some chicken salt into them. 

3. Crispy baked potatoes

My crispy baked potatoes are always a favourite with my family. All I did was place about 1cm or more of olive oil in a shallow baking pan into the oven to heat up,  peel the potatoes, cut them into squares, boil them for 20 minutes or so, I would then drain the potatoes and carefully place them in the hot oil and cook for 40 minutes at 250 degrees Celsius. I turn the potatoes over once. This cooking process could take less, so keep an eye on your oven. Check out these crispy beauties..

4. Deep fried wonton

Okay I shall confess that I have not learnt many cooking skills or recipes off my mum, the only one that I know is how to cook wonton. To make the wonton I buy some free range pork mince and wonton wrappers. I mix together the pork mince, soya sauce, white pepper. 1 egg and chopped spring onions. I then place a small bit of the mixture into the wonton wrapper and I fold the ends of the wonton wrapper together. I then place the wonton in the deep fryer and cook for 6 minutes or until golden brown. 

What are your home made Fryday favourites?