Moreish Macarons

On a visit to the markets last year, I noticed that there was a new stall selling macarons. Being the macaron lover that I am, I had to take a look.




I ended up buying some macarons from the store and to this day, I still think Moreish Macarons are some of the best I have ever eaten.

Moreish Macarons are made by a Blue Mountains local named Leigha. Leigha loves to bake  and had become obsessed with mastering macarons. In August 2012, Leigha began Moreish Macarons.

I have been so impressed with all the different kind of macarons that she has been making. I have seen her make macarons shaped as Peppa Pig, Tigger, The Hungry Little Caterpillar and more.

Leigha also makes cakes too and her wedding cake creations are amazing. The photos of her wedding cakes can be viewed on her Facebook page Moreish Macarons.

My favourite Moreish Macarons include: Vanilla Cheesecake, Redskin, Salted Caramel, Toffee Apple and Ferrero. Leigha makes so many different flavours of macarons, so many that there are too many to name.



I have to confess that I think Moreish Macarons taste better than Adriano Zumbo’s Zumbarons and I am so pleased that Moreish Macarons are selling so well at the markets.

Moreish Macarons website:


Moreish Macarons are sold at the Glenbrook Markets every third Saturday of the month.

Easter Cupcakes

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter. I spent most of my Easter baking and catching up with family. This was probably the first time in a long time that I have  been baking. I have been so tired being pregnant to bake.

For Easter I really wanted to bake something different. I had a vision of what I wanted to bake embedded in my head and now all I had to do was execute the vision.

This year I decided I would bake Easter Cupcakes.

I started off by baking my usual coconut cupcakes and then decided to pipe green icing and adding M&Ms Speckled Eggs on top. Unfortunately I could not find my Wilton star piping tip, so I had to use a plastic one. I also did not have time to buy natural green food colouring, so I had to reluctantly use artificial green food colouring.


An hour or so later, the result was a dozen delicious and beautiful looking Easter Cupcakes. I was so pleased with the result.


Unfortunately I was not allowed to eat any of the cupcakes, but I was told by my family that the cupcakes were delicious.

I am so happy the results that I may have a some energy to do more baking.

Pasticceria Papa’s Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake

If there is one thing I love the most, that one thing is cheesecake. I love a good quality cheesecake and for many years Pasticceria Papa’s Ricotta Cheesecake has been my all time favourite.

One day whilst scrolling through Instagram, I noticed that Pasticceria Papa’s had put up a photo of their Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake. When I saw this photo, my eyes literally popped out of my head. I had to re-read the caption again to make sure I was not seeing things. To my absolute delight, I was not seeing things! I immediately decided to make plans to go to Pasticceria Papa to try this amazing creation.

When I arrived at Pasticceria Papa, the display cases were almost empty. There did not seem to be much left. I was so worried that they had run out of the Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake that I could feel my heart breaking. I had driven so far to get here and did not want to go home empty handed.

When it was my turn to be served, fate shone upon me and a staff member had come out of the kitchen with a tray of freshly made Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake. I was feeling so blessed. I got so excited that I ended up buying 3 mini Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake and 1 mini Ricotta Cheesecake.


Pasticceria Papa’s Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake ended up being a very delicious combination. The mixture of ricotta and Nutella worked really well. The ricotta cheese was light and creamy and the Nutella provided a delicious chocolatey hazelnut filling. I did not find the combination to sweet. I felt like the combination was a match made in heaven. My only criticism is that the Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake in the miniature form is not as good as the sliced version. I found there was too much shortcrust pastry and not enough filling.  Next time I may buy the Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake as a whole cake.



I am not sure if all the Pasticceria Papa stores sell the Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake. I bought the Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake from their Five Dock store. I suggest you give them a call to find out.

Pasticceria Papa’s Ricotta website:

Coyo’s Coconut Ice Cream

Sometimes you may eat something so delicious and begin to wonder, “where you have been all my life?”. This is how I felt when I took my first bite of Coyo’s Coconut Ice Cream.

As you all know, I am obsessed with all things made of coconut. I ended up discovering this delicious ice cream when my friend who is allergic to soy and egg bought  the product. My friend loved the ice cream so much. So one day when I was visiting my favourite store Thomas Dux, I spotted the ice cream and knew I had to buy it.


Coyo’s Coconut Ice Cream is an amazing product.  The ice cream is free of dairy, gluten, nut, soy and egg. I must admit that I did not expect the ice cream to taste so good. I was at first not entirely convinced about how can a product that did not contain dairy, gluten, nut, soy or egg could be tasty.  Boy, was I wrong!

Coyo’s Coconut Ice Cream was so creamy and coconutty. It tasted almost like those tapioca puddings that you can buy, but not as heavy. The texture is more like a gelato. The ice cream is so delicious and rich, that you only need to eat a small portion to feel satisfied. The ice cream only contains 86% coconut milk, cane sugar, tapioca and pectin.

The only problem with Coyo’s Coconut Ice Cream, is that the ice Cream is only a small tub, and I could quite easily eat the whole tub in a few days.

I suggest all you coconut lovers out there go and try this amazing ice cream! The product was not lying when it said it is “Heaven in a mouthful”.


For further information about Coyo’s Coconut Ice Cream, visit this website:



Mars Bar Chocolate Mud Cupcakes

I seem to have developed this obsession of putting Mars Bar Chocolate into everything. I have put them in cookies, cake and now cupcakes. I find that Mars Bar Chocolate is quite versatile to bake with.

My latest experiment involved putting Mars Bar Chocolate into chocolate mud cupcakes. I used my existing Mississippi Chocolate Mud Cupcake recipe and added the Mars Bar Chocolate.

The results were divine! The gooey caramel and chewy nougat of the Mars Bar Chocolate worked well with the cupcakes. The cupcakes ended up being so rich in texture, that I did not need to put icing on the cupcake.


The Mars Bar Chocolate Mud Cupcakes were so easy to make. I cut half a fun size Mars Bar into each cupcake mixture in the cupcake cases and when the Mars Bar Chocolate Mud Cupcakes are baked the Mars Bar Chocolate rises to the top of the cupcake.

I have to warn you though, these Mars Bar Chocolate Mud Cupcakes are so addictive, definitely a chocoholic’s dream.

Mini Melting Moments by Charlie’s Cookies

Nothing is more relaxing that a strong cup of T2′s Irish Breakfast Tea and a good quality biscuit. I am quite fussy when it comes to biscuits and I find it really hard to find a biscuit that passes my biscuit snob test.

Today I discovered Charlie’s Cookies Mini Melting Moments. I had seen these biscuits at Gloria Jeans coffee shops and I really wanted to try them, but I promised my husband that I would not waste money trying new things. (This is a bad habit of mine, and can be expensive).

At the Cake, Bake and Sweets Show, I got to try Charlie’s Cookies Mini Melting Moments and I was immediately impressed. Charlie’s Cookies Mini Melting Moments were not heavy in taste like most melting moments biscuits and they tasted amazing. The biscuit flavour was so delicious (not heavy) and not too sweet and the cream centre was the perfect amount.

My favourite out of the whole range was the Choc “Noir” Mint. The Choc “Noir” Mint tasted like a peppermint biscuit and was so moreish, that I could have easily eaten the whole box. I also really liked the Choc Salted Caramel. I ended up buying three boxes of Charlie’s Cookies Mini Melting Moments, I could have honestly bought more.



I am so excited to have found a biscuit that I love. I really want to try the rest of the range some day. The other flavours included: Blackcurrant “Cassis”, Traditional Lemon, and Raspberry and White Choc.

Life’s Short. Enjoy every mini moment.

Charlie’s Cookies Mini Melting Moments cost $12.00 per a box and can be bought online or in some stores.

Charlie’s Cookies Website:


Magnum’s Honeycomb Crunch Ice Cream

My friend had been nagging me for weeks to try Magnum’s new ice cream flavour, Honeycomb Crunch. I was not entirely convinced because I am not a huge fan of Magnum’s ice cream range. Finally after getting sick of her nagging, I caved in and bought a box.

Magnum’s Honeycomb Crunch ice cream is part of their limited edition range. I am not entirely sure how long they will keep selling the ice cream, but I have seen it in my local Coles supermarket the other week.


Magnum’s Honeycomb Crunch chocolate ended up being so delicious. The ice cream was so smooth and creamy and the honeycomb flavouring was divine. I really loved how the chocolate shell of the ice cream had honeycomb bits. I am now officially addicted and my friend is now rubbing it in that she was right.


I think I have now found my new favourite supermarket ice cream. Shame I cannot eat many because of my gestational diabetes diet.

Magnum Honeycomb Crunch is sold at most Coles and Woolworths Supermarkets and cost around $8.00.


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