Green Tea and Chocolate Cupcakes

I had one of those days where I felt that I needed to bake something different. I was getting so bored with baking the same old boring recipes, so I decided to experiment.

After much thought, I decided to make Green Tea and Chocolate Cupcakes.

The idea was simple, I would use the base buttermilk cupcake recipe and I would make two batches. First batch would be chocolate and the second would be green tea. Once the mixtures were finished, I would alternate between adding teaspoons of both mixtures into cupcake cases.

Twenty minutes later, the beautiful cupcakes were ready.



I was so happy with the colour contrast, but not particularly thrilled with the “rustic” cracks.  (nothing a bit of icing can fix)

The Green Tea and Chocolate cupcakes were so delicious. The cupcakes were so moist. I really liked how the green tea and chocolate combined to make a subtle flavour.

Once the cupcakes cooled down, I piped some icing onto the cupcakes to hide the “rustic” cracks. I decided to use two different type of piping methods.




I am so happy that my experiment worked out well. I cannot wait to bake these Green Tea and Chocolate Cupcakes again!


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